Sightseeing of Ryazan

Ryazan province is divided into 25 districts, includes 12 towns, 26 urban type settlements and 456 rural administrations. It is located in the center of the Russian plain on the spurs of Mid-Russian hills, Meshera lowland and Oka-Don plain (up to 237 meters high).

There are about 1,200 monuments of architecture and over 2,200 of archaeology on the territory of the province. Among them are:

- In the village Konstantinovo, Rybnovsky district - Sergey Yesenin museum

- Ryazan Kremlin and Assumption Church

- Curing resort Solotcha

- Museum of Airborne landing troops history

- Pirogov House – Museum

- In the village of Yerlino, Korablinsky district, the first park of S.N.Khudekov still exists, later he created the similar park in Sochi

- In the lower Pra, Spassky district, Oksk biosphere state reserve is located

- Near the village of Mikhei, Sapozhkovsky district, there is the mineral water spring and curing mud

- In the village of Poshupovo, Rybnovsky district, on the right bank of the Oka, Svyato-Ioanno-Bogoslovsky monastery is located.

The Ryazan Kremlin is the place to see medieval architecture. It has picturesque churches with many-colored domes and gilded ornaments. A kremlin wall, dating from 1208, surrounds two former monasteries built in the 15th and the 17th cent. Ryazan has the Archangel Cathedral (late 15th century) and the Assumption Cathedral (15th century). Ryazan main streets retain much from 19th and 20th century Russian merchants and Soviet eclectic architecture. You can also come across modern trade centers, restaurants and boutique shops.

Sights of Ryazan. Nikolo-Yamskaya Church near Teatralnaja square and Forum Congress Hotel; Drama Theater, Puppet Theater and Tsialkovki monument (1st space rocket constructor) in Teatralnaya square, Ryazan State University Russian language faculty building and Nebo 7th floor restaurant in Lenin street, Yesenin Concert Hall,  Pavlov’s Monument (Nobel Prize Winner)  and Old Crossroads souvenir  shop in Lenin Street, Fine Arts Museum with icons and canvases by world-famous Russian painters across Ryazan State University main building in Svoboda street, Children's Circus and Pochtovaja café street, theRyazan Kremlincathedrals and churches and Duke Oleg’s Monument in Sobornaja square,  Pavlov Museum in Pavlov Street, Central Park behind the Technical radio-electronic academy  and other places of interest.

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