Moscow airports are the largest transport units not only in scales of the country. On volume of transportations and services rendered these enterprises correspond to the world standards accepted in these branches. Taking advantage of services of the Russian air carriers one can get to the majority of towns of the Russian Federation. Considering significant distances of Russia it is the fastest and the most convenient transport for travelling along the country. It is not less convenient to use Moscow airports also for realization of foreign trips — the airports of Moscow have the adjusted transport corridor almost with all of the capitals all over the world. Flights to Moscow are offered by leading international airlines, such as British Airways, Lufthansa, SAS, Finnair and others. The majority of foreign tourists use air transportation to reach Moscow.

Totally there are 4 basic airports in the capital of Russia, all of them are in immediate proximity from city. They are Vnukovo, Bykovo, Dompdedovo and Sheremetyevo. Most of all foreign passenger flights are served by Sheremetyevo-2 Moscow international airport. The airport is perfectly equipped and attracts only the highest international standards in its work — including the flights safety.

Service of the international passenger flights is also offered by Domodedovo airport. This is an airport of a high range and it is being actively developed and has the most modern technical equipment.

Vnukovo airport is the most closely to Moscow located airport — it also has the international status and accepts planes of leading domestic and world airlines. The least number of the international flights (separate charter transportations) among the Moscow airports is served by Bykovo airport — this is the oldest airport of the country that specializes in internal transportations.

All the Moscow airports carrying out the international flights have the branched out infrastructure: information terminals, modern system of passengers registration, convenient halls. On their territory there are rooms of mother and child, cafes, restaurants, shops, drugstores, help to invalids and other services.

Owing to the fact that all the Moscow airports are located in the immediate proximity from the city feature it usually takes in average from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours to get to them — depending on time of the day, congestion of the road and a type of transport.


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